Saturday, November 20, 2010

Taman Rakyat, Sri Andalas Klang

Taman Rakyat, Sri Andalas Klang
A hot spot for those Joggers
Developed about 1998 and until today, there is a lots of changes in the park facilities
it is safer now with the ladder and Tar track...

View of Port Klang

Singapore 10.09.2010 to 12.09.2010 (Food)

Old Chang Kee

Cheese Cake with a small layer of biscuit...


Turtle Soup
My first try and it was Great!!

Fish Ball and Tauhu Soup at Chinatown Food Court,
no noodle and need to queue for 20 minutes for it..

1 of the Oldies...

Singapore Geylang's Prawn Mee

Singapore 10.09.2010 to 12.09.2010 (Taxi & Bus)

At bus stop at Chinatown, they can even estimated the bus arrival time!!
After some observation, the time was quite accurate...

Taxi which accept Credit Card

Elegance Taxi...

Singapore 10.09.2010 to 12.09.2010 (Places)

Public Library

Marina Sands Casino

ViVo City, another hot spot...

The Roof Top

At Jing Wu Men, but didn't found Chen Zhen... :-D

The Famous Singapore's Guan Yin Temple

At Bugis Junction, all this people are waiting to cross road...
They are really waiting for Green light to cross,
what we cant see in Malaysia

Friday, November 19, 2010

Alor Setar 15.08.10 to 18.08.10 (Pulau Langkawi)

A short visit to Pulau Langkawi

700 meter above sea level!!

1 oof the Top 10 Unique Bridges in the World...
The View from here are marvellous!!

Some Screen Shot from the Bridge: