Sunday, August 30, 2009

Klang and Sabah

After 2 years stay at Sabah, I have finally back to Klang and I am glad that I come back here..
During the 2 year stay at Sabah, I have visit the whole Sabah and get to know few best friends like Ah Kit, Nicholas, Siaw Kia Hou, Veronica, Rannie, Ah Wai, Ah Lie and Andy.
These people were very nice during my stay at Sabah and I have a happy life together with them there. Hope they feel the same thing also...


  1. Hi ah ping that mean u not longer in NHF, how to contact u, actualy i plan to come down sabah and look for u 1. Since u are not in sabah how to contact u ? i try to call ur exiting HP unfortunately i cannot get u.

  2. hoping u'll b fine in everything;)
    God bless u..
    from me,renee lee (kong's friend)

  3. 啊彬老板,希望你可以过得比从前好,比我们更好。。加油哦@.^....有空来sabah玩吖,我们都很想你。。!!