Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan 30 & 31 May 2009

30 & 31 May 2009, Harvest Festival of Sabah and we have 3 straight days of Public Holiday and a trip to Labuan was form with 3 guys and 5 gals..
Labuan is another Wilayah Persekutuan other than Kuala Lumpur and it's famous of the duty free items such as Liquor, cigarette and also Chocolates...
From KK, we start driving from 7 am and reach Menumbuk (near Beaufort) about 9 am to take the 20 minutes speed boat..
Our breakfast at Lido, KK
It's a dry noodle and it was very very nice, the mee was so Q and the roasted duck and the roasted pork was the best amongst KK...

Speed Boat counter at Menumbuk, it cost RM15.00 per pax per trip to Labuan and it takes us 20 minutes to reach Labuan from here.

The Speed Boat

At Labuan finally..

A Directory of places of interest at the Labuan International Ferry Terminal Arrival hall
It show all the places of interest of Labuan and during this 2 days, we did success to visit all the places of interest show on this board..

The Apartment we stay, its located within the Labuan City and inside the Financial Park Of Labuan.
It has a Shopping Mall downstair and reasonable prices

Some nice view from the Hotel. We stay at the 7th floor and the view is very nice..

Labuan City view from the Hotel

Labuan International Sea Sport Complex

The Marine Muzeum inside the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex

Some nice photo inside the Marine Muzeum, actually, ther is a signboard of No Camera at the entrance, however, lots of the tourist still take photo using Camera Phone and that included me hehehe...
There are aquariums with beautiful sea fish and corals

The sea Eel, the skin was just like a 90 years old grandma...

Lobster, you know what I am thinking of when I saw this BIG lobster??

The View of the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex from outside

At the sea, 2 local children is playing on a big box as boat
And another 2 is swinging like Tarzan haha..
The water was clear and we can actually see fish swimming in a big group..

The NHF Group at Labuan!!

A places to have Korean Buffet at RM20 per pax
But, we didn't have our dinner here because we prefer seafood haha..

A Clock Towel

Labuan Bird Park - Entrance fees RM3.00

Ostrich, This is the biggest ostrich I have ever seen!!

Hornbill, a very beautiful bird..

The Bone of the birdy..

Layang Layangan Beach

Nicholas get to caught a baby crab...

Fresh coconut juice...

1 of our dish during dinner, Tiger Prawn with cheese...

My first try, beer from philipines, Sam Miguel with a pc of Lemon
not bad...

A duty free shop within the Financial Park

Our Favourite:
Johnny Walker Black Label Anniversary Edition and Vodka Mandarin


The Gigantic Dragon Fish, the length of the fish is about 7 feet and the owner start feeding them since 15 years ago..
The colour of the fish is very pretty.

the Owner


Since the uncle told us that a touch on the fish will bring wealth, we all were very exciting to touch the fish for fortune.
However, because the fish was fed with fresh meat, we all were very carefully when trying to touch that scared that our hand will become the food to the fish...

World War II Memorial Park
Among all other places that we have visited, I love this places the most.
Even though this is the place to memorial the Hero during the WW II, but it was very very peace and feel relax with the environment..

The Chinese Temple

The Guardian Lion...

Jiang Tai Gong Fishing..

I like the writing:
Power Shocked Four Sea, something like that lar hahaha...
Which mean the Great Amongst the World (Anyone have better definition?)

The God of Laugh

This temple was painted with bright GOLD colour and was the most beautiful temple I ever been to...

Even the roof was painted with GOLD....

Waiting for Speed Boat to return back to KK.
We only have 8 bags when come to Labuan, but when going back, the number of bags increase to about 15 bags hehehe...

Going into the Speed Boat
Walking back to the our car...
Bye Labuan...

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