Monday, November 24, 2008

Kampung Kuit Seri Aman, Lanas Trip 23/11/2008

On 22/11/2008 and 23/11/2008, Lions Club Of Tanjung Aru had organized a project to Kampung Seri Aman Kuit at Lanas, Keningau which is a rural village about 70 km from Keningau and 190 km from Kota Kinabalu.
There are few Lions from Keningau join this project as well.
We leave Kota Kinabalu at 3.15 pm for Keningau and reach Keningau around 3.45 pm

From KK to Keningau, we have rest at Gunung Mas for a cup of Coffee.
Its a very cool places which have a Tree-Top-Cabin for tourist to stay, but I myself do not dare to stay. It doesn't look confident enough to stay because of the facilities...

On the 23/11/2008, after breakfast, we set off to Kg. Kuit Seri Aman from Keningau. It takes us about 25 minutes drive to reach Soop before Lanas.
This is the road from Soop to Lanas, this 38 km road was built with stones and take us 1 hour to drive..
This wasn't a confortable journey because of the road condition and the dust and we have to drive very slow as to maintain the car suspension..
After we reach there, there is a villager told me that the Elected Minister of that area have promises to built a new road for them but the promises is still flying in the sky for years hehehe...

Finally, we reach the Kampung, and all the villagers is already waiting for us..

The Balai Raya of Lanas, 1 hall to be shared by 6 village with only few lamps, we can't even found a fan in there..

After we reach there, the Lions member start arranging the childrens there for the deworming or they calling this "Ubat Cacing"
They are all very skinny and this deworming help them to get rid of the bad cacing which was told have eat all their nutrition...

Our Vice District Gavenor is feeding the children with the "Ubat Cacing"


Past President is also feeding the Ubat Cacing to the childrens..

After the Ubat Cacing time, we start giving away some items like used clothing, slippers, towel, "Sarung", tooth paste and tooth brush to the villagers.

This is 1 of the house in this village, we shall feel grateful for what we have in the city because what we have is actually very very very much better than what they have...

After the service, the villagers lead us to a Tourism place just another 10 minutes drive from the Kampung. This is at a riverside where there the villagers feed the fish from young and catch them when the fish is big enough..

group photo of all the Lions..

Group photo of the Lions and the locals..

This place was official launch as the tourism spot by the Minister of Tourism Sabah just the day before we arrive

And lastly, they sing a song for us in their language which we all don't quite understand. It was something like Malay but the song was real good..


  1. You have a good blog here. Good start and keep up the good articles about Sabah in future.

  2. that's my mother village..
    thanks for sharing this :)